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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> i do too. i hadn't read the story previous to this and i was leek i ran over the ticket -- like i ran over the ticket but i wonder how badly damaged it is. >> your top stories traffic and weather straight ahead on wbz this morning. >> the news at 5 starts right now. >> right now at 5, powerful wind causes damage across the state. downed power lines sparking several fires. >> and. >> big changes chris. winter storm watches in effect. we will track the snow how it will impact the friday morning commute. >> sorry. the fight for new hampshire heating up. two democrats facing off as the war of words a unfolds on the republican side. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you it's 5 right now i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. it's thursday february 4th.
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big changes in the forecast. you kind of had a little bit of everything danielle. >> isn't it hard to believe snow is on the way for tomorrow morning. >> yeah. >> especially sorry. >> go ahead. >> especially because it was like 55 on the way in. >> we had record highs before midnight in the mid to upper 50s. so, yes there are big changes. colder air will come in. winter storm watches are posted for southeastern massachusetts 1a.m. to # p.m. tomorrow. we will talk about that in a second and you're right. look at that 54 in boston right now. it's 57 in nashua and 50 in keene a lot of us in the 50s and we will stay there on through the course of the the day. couple leftover showers and light pockets of rain from providence along the south coast and you may want umbrella on stand by. it's light with a brief shower that comes through. and that will linger on the cape through about lunchtime. the wind from the northwest 5 to 15 miles per hour. a lot of cloud around for your ride home but there will be peeks of sunshine and we will be right around 50 degrees.
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the shield of rain and snow look like it's going to push farther to the north and west now. the time frame again overnight until early afternoon tomorrow. and the greatest location impacted is southeastern massachusetts and it's still uncertain kind of how far northwest that snow shield comes and how much snow will warm and it's going melt it first and i will bring you through the hour by hour forecast and give you a look at the accumulation map coming up. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. no big problems yet as the thursday morning commute is underway. let's look live over the expressway. moderate volume quincy to boston with no reported backups. other major routes from the south look like speed limit ride. same to the north. no issues on 93 south. route 3 south and route 1 south moving along 495 and 128 are trouble free. chris and kathryn. >> thanks very much. 5:02. hundreds of people are still in the dark this morning after wet and windy weather downed trees and power lines across the area.
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including this one in nicole jacobs is live and witnesses say it was very fast moving this fire. >> reporter: absolutely. the storm moved in through massachusetts and brought down trees and brought down power lines and created outages creating a very tense and scarry situation here in norfolk. as wild weather rolled through the bay state wednesday the aftermath of what was began to spark. >> joe came running over and just wrapping on the door very loud creaming and yelling my inside. >> reporter: a fire in norfolk and time was of the essence. >> luckily a fireman was coming across the yard as i was coming and i was screaming she is in side and she has a cane somebody get inside. >> reporter: it happened after a widespread power outage in the area and as the lights began to come back on.
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lights back on and basically, sparks came out of the box out of the electrical box the garage door opener and went up in flames. >> reporter: elderly woman managed to get out on her own injured but okay. and in lawrence another fire caused by yet more storm dang. a tree limb -- damage a tree limb to ed on power lines and a home. a fire was massive and so were the winds. the same case in swampscott where cell phone video captured a tree fire sparked by downed power lines. the storm was fierce and left its mark. you're looing live now at a garage which is where -- you are looking live now at a garage where neighbors say the fire began. the fire marshal's office is investigating. i can tell you with regards to the other fires across the state there were no major injuries or injuries that we know of in terms of the lawrence and swampscott issue but certainly a scary situation
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live in norfolk nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thanks for the update. this morning, the principal at arlington catholic high school is on leave. the archdiocese of boston tells us that steven bagionie was place on leave for-appropriate conduct with a student. in a letter to parents the incident took place during a sunday detention but have no reason to believe it involves allegation of sexual abuse. the principal will stay on leave pending the outcome of the investigation. five days until the new hampshire primary and tonight bernie sanders and hillary clinton will face-off for the 5th debate. susie steimle is live in durham new hampshire with a closer look at the democrats' side. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. at last night's town hall they promised to focus on issues rather than attack each other. they were pretty good for the most part and the two candidates have a little bit of
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the republicans since they have such a narrow field. just the two of them giving them a lot of face time both on television and with the voters. in cop trast to the stereo typical landscape democrats vowed to focus on the issues and avoid atabbing each other. >> what media wants you to do and you are asked i am same it's the same for secretary clinton beat her up attack because that will make the news. i have tried my best not to do that. >> we are contrasting on issues compared to the republicans who i think are contrasting on insults. >> reporter: the two did spar on what makes a progressive candidate. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pact and takes 15 million dollars from wall street. >> i was amused that senator sanders set himself up to be the gatekeeper on progressives. >> reporter: two of the big moments were generated by a
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life. >> i have to tell you this is the first too many i have been asked that question. >> i figured that. i really. >> any candidate. >> reporter: and marathon will defeating isis. >> we have to destroy isis but we have top to be not just tough we have to be smart. >> reporter: when possible they kept it light. >> it would be historic if elected president. >> you think so. >> he does a good imitation of you do you do a larry david imitation. >> anderson i know you've been in journalism for a long time. >> are you doing larry david right now. >> i am leary david. larry david. >> reporter: and tonight's debate will take place at the university of new hampshire at 9. it almost didn't happen. that's because bernie sanders was about to boycott the debate unless hillary clinton's camp agreed to several more. they did work that out yesterday and they expect to have four more debates
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through may. we are hive in durham new hampshire susie steimle wbz this morning. >> thank you. the republican field is less crowded two candidates are out. kentucky senator rand paul ending his presidential campaign yesterday. he will now focus on running for reelection in kentucky. and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum suspended his campaign and says he will endorse marco rubio. a war of words on the campaign trail. ted cruz under fire donald trump and ben carson accusing the texas senator of stealing votes in iowa. wbz katie brace has more on that dispute. >> i kind of feel like the debate i had with donald trump. >> reporter: ted cruz attracted several hundred vote tortes town hall meeting. it was his event donald trump loomed. >>i don't know people are interested in a temper tantrum or a trumper tantrum. >> reporter: he joked about the the rival's criticism of the iowa caucus win cruz's campaign sent out a tweet
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they later said it was a misunderstanding. donald trump went on the attack that cruz stole the win. >> the voter fraud you know the politicians are brutal. >> reporter: in nashua a number of undecided voters look for more. >> tired of all of the back and forth. we would like to see his leadership on stage. >> reporter: marco rubio spent the day campaigning in new hampshire. >> let there be no doubt barack obama wants to change america. he wants it to be more like the rest of the world. >> reporter: voters like this couple plan to see them all. >> what are you looking forward to sway your mind. >> i am not sure. i am not sure. i just don't-- i haven't liked any of the candidates. >> how they conduct themselves. >> reporter: cruz didn't mention carson by name cruz has four events and trump has two scheduled events today in new hampshire. in nashua katyie brace.
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results from the wbzumass amhearst poll. detectives investigating a little boy's death want to know what happened between a welfare check on friday and emergency call 48 hours later. 3-year-old kani. whyte was with his stepmother and other relatives. they found him with traumatic injuries but a dcf report from friday shows was fine. governor baker says his administration is doing everything possible to find out what happened. >> as a parent, my heart sinks on that stuff. our view at this point is to cooperate as aggressively and fully as we can with the district attorney. >> investigators say they are waiting on autopsy results. a 20-year-old will serve one year in prison for speed and causing a life changing crash. two people were paralyzed when nicklas pop dop las lot of
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one of the victims a father of 3 is unable to move or speak. he had to be taken out of the courtroom shortly after watching home video of himself before the crash playing with his young children. a judge denies bill cosby's request to drop criminal charges against him. the comedian is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in 2004. his lawyers argued the district attorney at the time promised not to prosecute cosby if hegave a deposition. the judge dismissed the argument yesterday in the case -- and the case will move forward. whitey bulger's girlfriend will pay for her silence. she pleaded guilty to a federal contempt charge yesterday for refewing to tell investigators if anyone -- refusing to tell investigators if anyone else helped her and bulger while they were on the run for 16 years. she is serving an 8 year sentence and the judge says there's no maximum penalty for a contempt charge and could sentence her to any term including life in prison. she will be sentenced in april. there's growing concern
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there are now 9 confirmed cases of zika in florida. the governor declaring a health emergency in four counties there. all 9 people who are sick recently traveled to latin america or the caribbean. the zika virus is commonly contracted through mosquitoes and can lead to birth defects in babies. coming up, a heads up from the irs this morning. >> you won't be able to file your tax returns electronically right now. >> a new report leaving the bay state has the why two cities are among the worst flies get married. >> temperatures warm in the the 50s right now. we are staying in the 50s with a couple leftover showers and big changes. i am tracking some snow on the way for tomorrow. we will time it out and let you know how it will impact your morning commute for your friday
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a study says boston and worcester are among the worst places to get married in the country. >> doesn't sound too good. wallet hub researched and ranked 150 cities based on cost convenience and resources and enjoyability here's bottom of the list boston ranks the 9th worst place to tie the knot and worcester the 4th worse atthe very bottom.
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>> the best places orlando las vegas and atlanta. a couple florida making the board three times. >> yeah a lot of them. >> that's interesting. >> how do you measure enjoy ability. some point. you never know with the snow. >> she would know. >> she would. >> okay. >> just kidding. i mean. >> good music too you know. >> hey guys so yeah we are tracking it's hard to believe we are tracking 50s yesterday and 50s out the door this morning and snow on the way for tomorrow right? the wend not nearly as strong as gusts yesterday. 30 miles per hour right now in worcester a few over 20 on thecape and islands and look at the temperatures. it's 54 degrees in boston right now. remarkable warmth out door. this is normal for mid-april and it's the morning hours. remarkable. 56 in lawrence and taughton. low to mid-50s on the cape. steadiest rain is done but leftover showers are generally light. we will clip southeastern massachusetts here and a lot of
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i think we will see peeks of sunshine and look at temperatures. yeah, staying steady in the 50s right on through the afternoon. it's tonight that things start to change. that when the colder air starts to work in and by the time we get to predawn tomorrow temperatures will be running in the 30s. combined with some leftover moisture the front that came through is sitting just off our coastline stalling out and look at the moisture that extend all the way back down into northern florida. so that moisture will work along the front and come into new england tonight and tomorrow. look at areas of rain expanding evening and overnight. and colder air comes in and the rain changes with it and flips commute. notice well north and west of boston little if anything. this is southeastern massachusetts event. even in boston maybe a brief commute. but there are some deeper blues in here. the snow may come down briefly for a period at a rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour during the middle part of the morning rush
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and by 10 a.m., snow is going to be tapering off from west to east lingering longest until about midday early afternoon the out aer cape may get mixing going on with temperatures running around 35 degrees on the cape. so it's going to be wet consistency the snow. and there's a little uncertainty here. this coating to two inches with the coating north and west of boston. there may be an inch or two in the city and greatest risk of picking up two to as many as 5 inches from south shore and bristol and cape cod canal a coating to 2 inches on outer cape where we get some of the mixing and that change over. weekend looks great. low 40s on saturday mid-40s and brighter on sunday and the next storm comes in for the start of the next week. clouds thicken up and we are talking about a threat at least for some snow by the time we get to monday night and tuesday.
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from st. agatha where there were 140 of the third through 5th graders. love the smiles and waves and they knew a ton about the weather a great selfie from barry. traffic and weather together. objecti. >> reporter: -- robi. >> reporter: they watch the awesome dvd. >> we always bring it. every time watch it i laugh it's cute. >> reporter: and kids love that hollywood aspect of it. pretty quiet. no slow downs or accidents. 93 and somerville moderate to light volume. starting to get pise in the andover stretch moving along the other major routes from the north look fine. from the south green on the map. , pressway getting heavy quincy to boston. 138 southbound bogging down in the braintree stretch. >> thanks very much. 5:19. heads up from the irs. a computer glitch shutting down the agency's electronic foiling system.
5:20 am
they blamed it on a hardware failure and is working to make repairs but they won't accept any electronically filed tax returns noel the probable -- until the problem is fixed. if you filed you don't need to take any extra actions. a change at the top of cbs corporation. the network giant says leslie m. replaces sumner redstone who resigned this week and was appointed chairman emayor tis. it's 5:20 on your thursday morning. up next will tom brady make an appearance at super bowl 50. >> his former teammates weighing in on that. >> and celtics looking for a win against the pistons. levan reid has highlights and a riddle coming up in morning
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it's amazing how much you can
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your loan. refinance today with a dcu second chance car loan. there are questions over whether or not tom brady will make an appearance at super bowl 50. >> we all wish he were on the field. >> that's true. >> celtics take on pistons levan reid has more in morning sports. >> good morning. when watching the celtics would you rather see a game up by 20 and struggling to keep a lead or close game where they go
5:23 am
the answer who cares as lock as they win. crowder and smart with the outlet pass to crowder that's how you finish. crowder had 12 points 6 rebounds and 4 steals. later in the second, thomas knocking out a triple. turner another big second half. check out the circus shot up and underneath. filling the stat sheet 14 points 6 boards and 5 assists. marcus smart hit only 4 shots last night but all were 3s a minute to go the 4th triple seals the deal. celtics beat the pistons and it's the 10th win in the last 13 games. time to talk super bowl 50. steve burton is in san francisco this week getting rade for the big -- ready for the bil big game and has the report. >> we are here at super bowl
5:24 am
you know fans behind me are taking a moment and they love it. and they can't wait for the game on sunday. the question is will tom brady show up. they are honoring former super bowl mvps and it's the 50th anniversary and two of brady's former teammates were asked. >> i would love to see him here because he deserves to be recognized and the people that love and support him it's not just for yourself but all the people that supported you but if he has prior commit minutes i understand but i would love to see him because i would love to say hello, to him. >> an though brady is not in it should he be here for the 50th anniversary. >>i don't know. tom has the right to do his own thing i don't think he has any obligation to be here and represent the patriots even though it's the 50th anniversary i don't feel like he has to have a role in that. >> i want to point out if you go back 49 years ago the average ticket price for the
5:25 am
now, it's going to be 5,000 dollars on the street. that's the story here in super bowl city san francisco. levan back to you. >> thanks steve. let's goat a riddle which dress can you not wear? which dress can you not wear. that's sports this morning. i am lev and reid for wbz sports. >> and the answer is. >> address. >> there you go. you are quick on that. >> yeah. >> i love it when he leaves us a riddle e didn't the last couple times we were disappoint nod we were kind of mad. he got it back. it's 5:36 for your thursday morning. still to come, new years resolutions. it could be making you sick. >> why you are most at risk this morning. >> and the easy way to protect your is self. >> this is jon keller sometimes it's not who wins the vote but the expectations game. how that works in the new hampshire primary and who's
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causing damage across the state downed power lines sparking several fires. >> a local high school principal placed on leave. what we are learning about the investigation. >> drama unfolding in the race for president. the democrats facing off in new hampshire as a war of words heats up for the republicans. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning thanks for being here i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon we need to check the weather. we have changes on the way. >> isn't it hard to believe. >> just looking at temperatures in the 50s across the board, but you are talking snow. >> talking snow on the way for tomorrow. i love doing the weather. we go from near record warmth and wind gusts at 60 miles an hour and the rain and way -- on the way for tomorrow.
5:28 am
right now and 54 degrees in boston and it's 57 inia. remarkable warmth. like april and we should be in the 20s in the morning this time of the year. there are additional showers out there though with the steady rain that's done but a couple of showers in southeastern massachusetts redeveloping and you may want the umbrella on stand by and a now lingering showers especially on the cape that stay until the afternoon hours. breaks of sunshine should come out and look at that. temperatures staying in the 50s from start to finish today. now the rain will fill back in late this evening generally after 6 p.m. in southeastern massachusetts so i stopped things at len and notice temperatures are mild. but it's after midnight that colder air starts to work in. tomorrow morning, pockets of rain and mixing with snow in the city of boston. it's sharp cut off but as temperatures fall we may have a brief period of snow that comes down at good clip in time for rush hour tomorrow. notice the mixing and a flip
5:29 am
and as the snow comes down hard enough they will get snow covered and it tapers off heading into midday. we will look at accumulation map and lets get you on the words first traffic and weather together hi. >> reporter: hi. not much going on out there on right now but we have a couple significant slow downs from the north and south. familiar spots to the south. # # 28 southbound in the braintree stretch heavy and slow between 37 and brain stree split and expressway between furnace brook to columbia road. 93 southbound one slow pocket right now between 133 and dascum road. >> thanks for the update. 5:32 on your thursday checking top stories. principal at arlington catholic high school is on leave. the archdiocese of boston tells us stephen biagioni was place conduct with student. the school says the incident took place during a recent sunday detention. but they currently have no reason to believe it involves
5:30 am
bernie sanders and hillary clinton will be debating in durham new hampshire tonight ahead of the primary. last night both participated in a town hall taking questions from voters and sparring over who's more progressive. and ted cruz under fire from donald trump and ben carson. carson says that someone in the cruz camp misled voters in iowa by saying carson was pulling out of the race. trump is aledged ledging cruz committed fraud. cruz says the issue was a misunderstanding. >> as the push towards the new hampshire primary continues our jon keller takes a closer look expect taig. >> reporter: good morning -- expectation. >> reporter: appearances to the controversy politics is not a game but consequence was far too serious to call it that. but, there's no doubt that a game. the expectations game. here's how it works. a candidate starts out with the most money raised like jeb bush for instance and becomes the front-runner.
5:31 am
and the poll numbers lang wish the expectations turn sour. or sometimes the candidate enters the race as a front- runner based on name recognition and institutional support like hillary clinton. and the polls give her an insurmountable lead but after months of campaigning low and behold bernie sanders is with her trapping clinton of unmet expectations but the thing about the the expectations game if played cleverly it can turn on a dime. clinton is trying to set up a scenario where a loss to sanders next tuesday by less than double digit is actual -- digits is actually a comeback. just like the one her husband pulled off finishing second in new hampshire in 1992. we just saw marco rubio turn the same trick in iowa. where a third place finish is successfully spun as a huge victory. which leads us to donald trump.
5:32 am
speculateor and showman who is proving not so adept at managing expectations. keep the huge polling lead you trump. or you may find yourself the winner of the new hampshire primary but the loser of the exis spec stations game --expectations games share your thoughts at kerl at large -- kerl at large. president obama making history in maryland. first the first time since mosque in the united states. >> we are one american family and when any part of the family starts to feel separate or second class or targeted it tears the fabric of our nation. >> the president addressed the crowd as the islamic society of baltimore and spoke against bigotry and called for people to reject indifference. prior to this the president had visited mosques in other countries but never in america. finger pointing on capitol hill all over the lead water
5:33 am
during a congressional hearing, the e p pa said michigan officials ignored federal advice to treat flint's water. state officials countered saying the feds didn't express urgency. and allowed the problem to get worse. the former city manager who oversaw the drinking water switch refused to testify despite a subpoena oa. figures say there's no timetable for when the water cries he is could be fixed. sticking to the new years resolution to get shape? it could make you sick you are at risk doubling this months. one medical experts warns gyms are the perfect breeding grounds for illness and the risk is up in january and february because there's a spike in the number of people trying to keep the resolutions and you don't have to give up the workouts. instead remember to wipe down any equipment with antibacterial wipes before using it. wash your hands and avoid touching your face especially your mouth. good advice there. >> right. >> still ahead, facebook getting ready for a big birthday.
5:34 am
celebrating with all of its 1.6 billion users. what's going on this morning. >> reporter: it sounds like i am talking about footloose a high school has not changed the dress code in over 40 years. students are protesting the no no longhair no boys with earrings and no girls with short skirts by dressing up as the opposite code. chime in it's our daily talker. i just got a new job, but how am i gonna get to work? i moved to a new neighborhood, and i need help learning my surroundings. it's been hard adjusting to civilian life. where can i turn? woman: we're massoptions, a free resource for elders, caregivers, and individuals with disabilities of all ages. we link you to the services you need to live independently in the setting of your choice.
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haven't heard about this but there's pair of jeans to turn heads. >> and warning for honda owners. jill wagner is live for us at
5:37 am
>> reporter: good morning. honda is recalling another 2.2 million vehicles because of faulty takata air bags that can explode with too much force. this recall includes older models from 2005 and also newer vehicles from the 2015 and 2016 model years. it's been 12 years since facebook ceo mark zuckerburg started to work on his site from his harvard dorm rook and to park the -- mark the day they are declaring today friends day. they are putting together friendship collages. they include photos posted on the site. and wedgeies are the stuff of high school horror stories. now levi's is out with a pair of wedgy fit jeans. yes that's the real name. levi's says the jeans will show off your "best assets and even though wedgeies are quite uncomfortable levi's says the
5:38 am
-- ride up. >> i think wedgy jeans makes you know it uncomfortable for you that's what i think. i don't know. >> jill is not chiming in at all. she is like i am going to leave it there. >> reporter: i doesn't know what to say but they are promising that they will make your bust look good so whatever. >> are assets. >> thanks very much jill. we will see you tomorrow on friday. -- coming up a check of your traffic and weather together. >> a look at the top stories including a war of words on the campaign trail. why ted cruz is under fire. >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face-off tonight in their 5th debate at the university of new hampshire. this after they what town hall in derry last night. we will have highlights from that coming up. >> checking in with weather watchers this morning. and there's constant theme here. it's all about the warm temperatures this morning and
5:39 am
54 degrees has jennifer up in methuen and she says she can't believe there's snow on the way for tomorrow. what month are we in? i will have the hour by hour forecast and accumulation map when we come back. here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments
5:40 am
it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders,
5:41 am
we have additional video of severe weather sheut hitting the south-- sheuting the south. i believe -- hitting the south. i believe it was eastern georgia and multiple tornadoes from teen see -- tennessee to alabama. the national weather service will survey damage and it caused thousands of dollars of damages and it's the same system that is actually heading in our direction. so. >> oh, boy. >> i know. no severe weather here. >> yeah i am in awe that it's so warm out up here right now february 4th. >> every one of the weather watchers is like did i fall asleep and wake up because it's in the 50s right now which is normal for summertime. it's remarkable. we had shy two degrees shy of the record. and as of about midnight in the city of boston. so, we are warm and the wind is not nearly as strong as damaging gusts yesterday. gust to 30 miles per hour in
5:42 am
over15 and 20 miles per hour. look at temperatures 54 in boston. 57 in nashua and colder air to the north and west but we are staying in the 50s today. and yes, he there are a lot of clouds around. a couple showers lingering here but the steady rain is done. you may get a prist when you -- spritz from providence to new bedford and taunton this morning. and there may be a quick shower here or there especially in the cape and islands until midday. the temperatures will stay in the 50s too. so it's warm and then tonight brings the changes. the colder air starts to work in. so around midnight we should be in the 40s and we see temperatures fall through the 30s and that cold air combined with moisture to the south is going to spell areas of rain and snow for tonight and tomorrow. so it's the next wave of low he pressure that's coming -- low pressure that's coming out of the front that came through yesterday stalling off the coastline it. doesn't get a -- coastline. it doesn't get a push offshore. moisture comes back into thepicture later this evening
5:43 am
from boston to the south coast. the problem is that as the colder air comes in the rain is going to change over the wet snow neighbors tomorrow morning. poor timing for the morning commute. notice the sharp cut off well north and west of boston. cloudy skies. keep in mind there's a little wiggle room so if the storm comes closer, we may have to shift everything farther south and east. same for if it goes farther out to sea. but either way looks like southeastern massachusetts will have the biggest impact. wet snowflakes means more wet roads at first and then as the snow comes down at a pretty good clip between mid to late morning, especially from the south shore back down to the south coast, that's when we get most of the snowfall to stick reduces visibility and may cause a few isolated outages because of the consistency of the snow. more like a coted coating north and west of the boston. closer to the city one to two, two to five here in the outer
5:44 am
so the highest totals is in southeastern massachusetts. weekend forecast still looking good. filtered sunshine on saturday and mid-40s on sunday and then the next storm comes in for tuesday with cold air looks like it could be inches of snow. we will keep you posted on the track. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: hearing about an accident on the mass pike in the city. you can see it on one of the traffic cameras. the crash involves a truck on the pike westbound. just before the alwayston brighton tolls a. the truck was involved in a hit-and-run and a car hit the truck and then the driver of the car took off. you can see the truck is off to the side and state police are talking to the driver. we are not seeing lane closures there. to the south expressway heavy between the split and columbia road. 128 southbound bogs down between logan express and the split and north 93 southbound getting slow in the andover stretch but getting sluggish med heford into leverett connector. chris and kathryn. >> thanks very much.
5:45 am
>> and windy weather causing damage across the state. here are your top stories on this thursday morning. strong wind downing trees and power lines causing fires across the area. in norfolk an he'll kerl couple escaped the fast moving house firep they went to the hospital but injuries are not life- threatening. the fire started shortly after power came back on in the area. but the chief says it is too early to tell if that's what sparked the flames. the state fire marshal is investigating. a little boy rescued from a burning apartment building in chelsea. the 3-year-old was on the 4th floor. firefighters got to him and took him down a stairwell and safely out of the burning building. investigators think a plumber's torch sparked the fire. the red cross is helping 24 families find a place to stay. a firefighter is recovering from a broken wrist.>> reporter: good morning i am susie steimle live at the university of new hampshire. and this is where democratic candidates will debate tonight. this comes after a town hall meeting in derry new hampshire last night.
5:46 am
number of questions from the audience and hillary clinton and bernie sanders vowed to focus on the issues there rather than attack each other. they were good about that. had a little bit of a fight as they have throughout the past couple days about what it means to be a progressive. we will have highlights including why the debate almost didn't happen. that's coming up at 6. live in durham new hampshire -- derry newham sure -- new hampshire. cruz's campaign sent out a tweet that carson was dropping out of the race. trump calls it voter fraud and calls for a do-over. and cruz said it was a misunderstanding in university he have keck connect is-- university of connecticut is facing back lash for a dorm for african american men.
5:47 am
it's scheduled to open this fall. pharmaceutical ceo accused of fraud is fling the 5th. his lawyers says he will go but won't answer questions e made headlines for increasing the cost of a cancer hiv drug by 5,000 percent. he is also now criminally charged with fraud in an unrelated case. the $5 foot long is no more. subway changing the branding to the 6 dollar foot long. the company sites inflation as the reason for change and held the 5 dollar price since 2007. and in been and somewherey ex-- ben and jerry expanding pot duct line creating four flares using a vegan almond milk basech pintsize offerings are chunky monkey chocolate fudge coffee caramel and pb and cookies. >> sounds good. >> yes. >> it's 5:51. time for the daily talker did
5:48 am
code if so chances are it needed to be updated over time. >> one school district is stuck in a time warp of sorts. they haven't changed the dress code in more than 40 years. robi has more. >> reporter: just because i wear stuff from the 70s doesn't mean it looks cool on everybody. buchanan high school in cloveis california have a dress code that has not changed since 1975. a the school board just voted to keep it that way as you can imagine, the students are not too psyched about that. so they staged a little protest. hook at these lovely ladies i mean dudes guys dressed as girls part of a school wide protest. among the rules that haven't changed, boys at buchanan high can't have longhair that covers the ear lobes and guys can't wear earrings us about it's not appropriate. a lot of young women showed up for skewing with b-ro duds they can't wear skirts fire than 4 inches above the knee a boy asked the dress code be changed
5:49 am
for his senior year because of the hair was too long. the school board voted 4-3 to keep it old school. what do you think about this outdated dress code? dan says must be the same board that decides for the academy awards. i am in my 50s and those rules were made for my young life. times change ladies and gentlemen. comment on the daily talker a number of ways website twit erin facebook. love to hear from you. we will read more coming up at 6:00. do you talk so fast that people can't understand you? >> where the bay state ranks on the list of the fastest talking stay with us.
5:50 am
motor mouth? a survey says massachusetts residents are some of the fastest talkers in the country. >> think that's true. >> i feel that wie way. >> analysts used anonymously the rankings. number one oregon followed by and iowa. 38th. me. >> slowest talkers are south carolina and louisiana and mississippi. that's not surprising the southern states with the drawl.
5:51 am
oregon? >> who knew. >> let's read this fast keep it straight ahead. new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set market price and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking, causing energy supply rates to go up and down. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you. ever new england.
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